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Unique Collections of Experiences
crafted and personally DELIVERED by us

Exclusive Collections of Experiences
around Top-notch Hotels

Collections inspired in each Hotel attending their unique value.
We specially recommend to combine the experience with the accommodation to acquire
the entire atmosphere for each getaway.


This Collection includes two unique experiences in Barcelona:

  • A Heritage Experience to learn about the economic revolution at 19th century that boost the Art Nouveau.
  • A Style Experience to discover the Barcelona Bourgeoisie lifestyle in 1900.


This Collection include two unique experiences in Barcelona:

  • A Cultural experience for travellers who have visited Barcelona and really want to enjoy a new perspective of this City.
  • A Gastronomic experience to discover the most authentic, local Mediterranean produce.


This Collection include two unique experiences in the Costa Brava:

  • A 4x4 Experience to discover an exhilarating 4WD tour that combines pure adrenaline with the discovering of botany on gastronomy.
  • A Sea Experience to enjoy the magnificent coves of the Costa Brava, with a private chef on board.

Exclusive Collections of Experiences
for cruisers

We are glad to offer authentic memorable experiences specially
conceived for cruisers.
Experiences perfectly suitable for a pre or post cruise, and during the cruise stop-off. 


This Collection include two unique experiences:
- A Sensory experience to distinguish the unique characteristics of five different wines through your sensations.
- A Countryside experience to discover the mountain of Montserrat by air, the Catalan countryside and the Natural gastronomy.

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We are craftsmen of experiences,
experts in designing and personally delivering unique,
unforgettable experiences in Spain

Each experience is crafted and delivered exclusively by us,
in collaboration with inspiring people, to make your customers' dreams come true.

Our customers are companies wishing to offer to their customers,
members or guests an out-of-market getaway, an once-in-a-lifetime journey,
or an emotional experience in their event or meeting
for a stronger brand experience.

We weave together the emotions to design an unforgettable experience.


Our services to
create memories that last a lifetime

Feel how a world of stimuli can be turned into an once-in-a-lifetime experience


The INSPIRATION for each collection
We craft the experiences that make their clients’ dreams across Spain come true.

Crafting EMOTIONAL Brand Experiences
We create bespoke leisure activities to build the emotional impact of their brand experience.