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Founded in Barcelona in 2011, OWN Experiences creates and delivers unique multisensory experiences across Spain.

Our 'savoir-faire' comes from our expertise in experiential marketing and communication.
We craft unique experiences and help you make them real - thereby strengthening the brand experience of your company. We work for the most sophisticated clients from around the world.

Meet the team - all committed to making your dreams come true:

Gonzalo / Partner & Director

The best things in life are more than just objects; they are lifelong memories.
Gonzalo's passion is creating immersive, multisensory experiences centred on Spain's best-kept secrets.

Born in Barcelona and raised in Switzerland, he’s a travel and brand communication entrepreneur. He is passionate about history and world heritage.

Marc / Partner & Operations Director

A lover of food and wine, Marc is always on the lookout for the most intimate, secret and chic spots in Spain.He has a background in experiential marketing, designs bespoke experiences to create exclusive collections for each of our partners.

One of his favourite locations is the Pyrenees of Huesca in Aragon (in the North of Spain) and his particular passion is working with horses.

Ragner / Art Director

A 4x4 audio-visual adventurer, with graphic design roots and a hungry mind, Ragner loves discovering new territories, brands, and wild ideas.

He is passionate about the mountains, the island of Menorca and the Costa Brava.