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We create LIFELONG memories

We are experts in designing and personally delivering unique,
unforgettable experiences in Spain.

Each experience is crafted and delivered exclusively by us,
in collaboration with inspiring people, to make your customers' dreams come true.

Our main clients are tourism companies wishing to offer to their customers,
an out-of-market getaway, an inspiring long-weekend or an once-in-a-lifetime journey.
We also collaborate with corporations creating leisure activities during their events and
meetings to strengthen the brand experience for their members and guests.

We weave together the emotions to design an unforgettable experience.


Our services to
create memories that last a lifetime

Feel how a world of stimuli can be turned into an once-in-a-lifetime experience

This is the SEED for each collection
We craft the experiences that make your clients’ dreams across Spain come true.
Luxury hotels & Travel agencies

Crafting EMOTIONAL Brand Experiences
We create bespoke leisure activities to build the emotional impact of their brand experience.
Managing team & Board members