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Explore the cultural and architectural legacy of Barcelona’s illustrious Freemasons

Hotel Neri is thrilled to offer you an exciting and informative journey into the heart of Barcelona. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain an exclusive insight into the influence that the city’s distinguished Freemasons have had on its urban design, architecture and cultural heritage.


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Enjoy a private lunch at the Biblioteca Arús, a library founded in 1895 accompanied by an eminent member of the freemasons, who is also the former director of the library.

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Pay a visit to the Grand Lodge of Spain accompanied by a journalist who is a recognised expert in freemasonry. Here you will learn about masonic values and symbols, and how they have influenced the architectural and artistic fabric of the city, from the provincial Grand Master himself.


Finally, you will rediscover Barcelona from the uniquely privileged perspective of your expert journalist. Supported by your new knowledge, pay a visit to some of the most emblematic works across the city and allow them to reveal their meanings to you.

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Select and savour the finest Mediterranean ingredients
from field to plate,
accompanied by your private chef

The Mediterranean climate favours a wide variety of local, seasonal ingredients,
while Mediterranean cuisine encourages us to consume the produce that is in season.
This experience will enable you to discover the most authentic, local Catalan country produce,
as well as the entire creative process that goes into a dish. 

Accompanied by your own chef, select each ingredient that will later be prepared for you in the kitchen.


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The market may be a wonderful source of inspiration for many chefs, but the land is where the best products are grown and selected. Learn first hand from a local Catalan farmer how to choose the finest seasonal produce.

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Allow yourself to indulge in the feeling, smell and taste of natural products in their original and freshest state before they are modified by industrial processes.


Accompanied by your chef, you will learn the ideal cooking techniques that allow you to respect the textures and flavours of the selected ingredients without altering them.