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CURATED Experiences in Spain

There are few collections crafted and personally delivered by us.
Our creativity is limitless. So, get inspired by this creations and spread your needs and we will create your own experience.

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You and nature together again

A bespoke Collection to live
the magnificent and exuberance of Nature around Spain

Natural Retreat
A five-day programme in the midst of Nature for those wishing to enjoy a truly regenerating pause

Air & Wine
Explore in this getaway the vineyards from above followed by a multisensory tasting experience


You'll discover not just about horses,
but also about yourself

A bespoke Collection in our Ranch
to live an amazing experience around Horses and Nature

Sensitive Horse Experience
An amazing getaway near Barcelona

Wild Nature Experience
A thrilling long weekend


Welcome to Barcelona & its countryside

A bespoke Collection specially designed
for the most demanding Cruisers visiting Barcelona

Sensory experience
To distinguish the unique characteristics of five different wines through your sensations.


Countryside experience
To discover the mountain of Montserrat by air, the Catalan countryside and the Natural gastronomy.



A bespoke Collection to discover
the secret culture of Barcelona and the truly Mediterranean Gastronomy

Cultural experience
For those who have visited Barcelona and really want to enjoy a new perspective of this City.

Gastronomic experience
Discover the most authentic, local Mediterranean produce.


Discover how a flower made

A bespoke Collection to learn about
heritage and the style of Barcelona through the Economic Revolution at 19th century

Style Experience
Learn about the economic revolution at 19th century that boost the Art Nouveau.

Heritage Experience
Discover the Barcelona Bourgeoisie lifestyle in 1900.


Welcome to costa brava,
this land is your land

A bespoke Collection to enjoy
the essence of the Costa Brava & Empordà Region, located 1 hour from Barcelona

4x4 Experience 
Discover an exhilarating 4WD tour that combines pure adrenaline with the discovering of botany.

Sea Experience 
Enjoy the magnificent coves of the Costa Brava, with a private chef on board.