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Select and savour the finest Mediterranean ingredients from field to plate,
accompanied by your private chef

Please, contact Hotel Neri on
calling on (+34) 933 040 655
to know more about prices and details

To highlight:

UNESCO has declared the Mediterranean diet an Intangible Cultural Heritage. This is due to the high proportion of vegetables, among other products. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean climate also favours a wide variety of seasonal ingredients. 

This experience will allow you to discover the finest seasonal Catalan products in the field, guided by an expert local farmer. You will first learn to make a selection, before being given the opportunity to taste the produce at its very best as your chef prepares it. In this way, you will discover the entire creative process of a dish, from field to plate.


  • At 10 am, after your breakfast at the Hotel Neri, your chef who will accompany you throughout the entire experience will collect you, and your chauffeur will take you to the fields where the seasonal products are grown.
  • A walking tour through the lush green countryside will lead you to various local experts who will teach you all about the seasonal products and, together with your chef, they will advise you how to select the very best ones.
  • You will then enjoy one of the greatest yet simplest luxuries that exist; to feel, smell and taste this totally natural product, freshly picked in its place of origin.
  • After the tour, you will be taken to a private kitchen situated in the local area. There, you will learn different ways of cooking, in order to maintain the authentic properties of the ingredients.
  • You will finish by preparing a recipe with the products that you have selected. After the meal, you will be accompanied back to the hotel.


This experience lasts about six hours.


  • The experience is available every day.
  • We do not recommend to do this experience with bad weather conditions.


  • It is recommended you dress comfortably.
  • If you suffer from any food allergies or intolerance kindly notify us in advance so we can take this into account for lunch.


  • Transfers to and from Hotel Neri.
  • The drive through Barcelona Metropolitan area.
  • A bilingual Chef Spanish-English
  • The all visits and groceries
  • The master-class with your Chef
  • Lunch, wines and drinks.

Please, contact Hotel Neri on
calling on (+34) 933 040 655
to know more about prices and details