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A five-day Retreat surrounded by nature to those looking to enjoy a break of quietness,
beyond pool timE

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A fascinating journey through nature to rediscover yourself. The Natural Retreat is a 5 day- 4nights Programme that will take place in Mas Salagros EcoResort & Ancient Baths, the first Bio-Hotel in Spain located just 20 minutes from Barcelona.

Our proposal with this Nature Retreat is to provide you with the opportunity to discover nature’s wisdom through different experiences which aim to improve our health and life balance: the use of botany, learning the body behavior through consistently designed exercise and how animals are a reflection of humans themselves.

Complete planning

Before your arrival

The journey starts before your arrive to the retreat. An advisor from Own Experiences will contact you to gather information about your lifestyle and the goals you pursue after completing the programme.

First day: Welcome

  • Upon arrival we will show you the accommodation for check-in. You will then meet the Retreat’s director whom will welcome you to the programme and explain the content of the different experiences through the five days. You will decide at this point the level of involvement you will apply to the retreat.
  • You will next enjoy the custom-made meal to your specific needs, cooked by the Retreat’s chef using exclusively organic produce.
  • After resting the meal, you will begin the programme with its first experience which consists in a “foot to ground” horse experience with an expert guide to explain the process.
  • Next is the spa session in the fabulous Arab Ancient baths of the Eco-Resort, followed by a session of developmental kinesiology (from Greek κίνησις kínēsis 'movement', and logos, 'treatise, study' - is the scientific study of the mechanism in Human movement, aimed to provide recovery through different therapies). We will study the evolution of your body system before beginning the physical tests.
  • You will have time to rest and relax. Dinner will be served following the diet plan designed upon arrival, and you will enjoy the freshly prepared local-organic produce by our chef.
  • When dinner is finished and each of the five evenings the team will give the participants a different surprise.

Second day: First contact with nature

  • Before breakfast you have a daily optional experience available, Yoga & Meditation. All participants are allowed regardless of their previous experience.
  • Breakfast will be served 8.30-9.30 am. You will enjoy a healthy and nourishing meal customized to enhance the whole day routine.
  • An expert Botanist guide will be in charge to lead a hike through the surrounding nature where you will learn the relationship we develop with the five elements in nature: balance, adaptation, efficiency, complexity and diversity.
  • Lunch will be an exciting moment of the day, as you will be guided by the gastro-botanist and the Resort’s chef into discover the healthiest cooking techniques, alongside with using the produced you gathered in the previous hike. You will by now learn the benefits both of cooking with these herbs and plants and also the improvements it can bring to your daily diet.
  • You will have the afternoon at your free disposal, to enjoy the Arab Baths and a full-body calming massage on site.
  • Once you have all ended dinner that evening, the daily surprise from the team will follow.

Third day: Nature and sports activities

  • Before breakfast, you can attend the daily yoga or meditation session.
  • Breakfast will be at your disposal from 08:30 to 09:30 am.
  • Together with the former Duathlon World Champion, you will take an excursion through Nature. The aim behind this exercise is double: becoming entirely aware of your body and reactivating it in our day-to-day basis (in some cases we might need to overcome the barriers preventing us from practicing sport or to improve our performance as well as finding new motivations).
  • After this physical activity where you will learn the sports habits to progress your body status, you will have time to rest to be followed by lunch.
  • You will have time in the afternoon to relax and enjoy the fantastic Arab baths located in the Eco-Resort, and you will be provided with a full-body physiotherapeutic massage, according to the kinesiology test’s results.
  • The day will end with dinner being served in the main dining-room of the resort and followed by the daily surprise with our team.

Fourth day: (Re) Discovering ourselves through the horse experience

  • Before breakfast, you can attend the daily yoga or meditation session.
  • Breakfast will be at your disposal from 08:30 to 09:30 am.
  • When you are ready after the first of the day, you will be introduced to a whole world of sensations through the planned horse experience. From the safety provided with the guidance of an expert trainer and the dynamics called “foot to ground”, you will rediscover a series of aspects about yourself that will mostly amaze you.
  • You will have the afternoon at your free disposal, to relax and to enjoy the Arab Baths and a reflexology-foot massage to complement the work you have done with the horse exercise.

Fifth day: Programme End and Farewell

  • Before breakfast, you can attend the daily yoga or meditation session.
  • Breakfast will be at your disposal from 08:30 to 09:30 am.
  • The Retreat’s director will make the closing session where the programme’s conclusions will be analyzed and exposed to the participants.
  • Lunch will be served when the closing session is finished. You will enjoy the farewell meal with the other participants and team.


The programme is planned during 5 days and 4 nights accommodation.


  • We recommend to book the programme for the scheduled retreats we have planned in our website. Therefore allowing us to organize groups with a maximum of 8 people as we aim to provide the most enriching experience to each participant.
  • We offer also the possibility to book the programme privately, as we guarantee you will be able to fulfill the same results as if in a group retreat.


  • We suggest to bring comfortable attire according to the time of the year the programme will be developed in. We are happy to help you with the local forecast and guidance.
  • The program is designed from a leisure perspective and it does not aim a therapeutic or medical objective. We will work together with therapists of different fields and we provide the full warrantee for the experience goals. If you would like to know more in a technical level, please feel free to contact us at all times and we will gladly give you the needed information.


  • Transfers to and from the Eco-Resort.
  • Accommodation according to room category.
  • Full-board basis with all meals included.
  • All the experiences and treatments detailed in the program, under the supervision of a professional team.
  • The evening surprises during the five day stay in the Eco-Resort.
  • The whole set of amenities during your trip.
  • Morning session of yoga or meditation is not included in the price. You can book it together with the programme.