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Explore the cultural and architectural legacy of Barcelona’s illustrious freemasons

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To highlight:

Throughout history, rivers of ink have been spilled in attempts to understand the mysteries of freemasonry. Whereas literature has filled countless pages with its legends, Hotel Neri has partnered with experienced craftsmen to enable you to discover the architectural, artistic and social legacy of the Freemasons of Barcelona.

See Barcelona from an entirely new perspective, through an exclusive experience that allows you to share in the wealth of knowledge of some of the most renowned experts. These include the Provincial Grand Master and former Director of the Arús Library, and a journalist who is expert in freemasonry, who will accompany you on this unique experience.


  • At 1 pm your private chauffeur will collect you at the door of your hotel.
  • Throughout the experience, you will be accompanied by a journalist who is an expert in freemasonry and the author of several well-known books on its influence and legacy in Barcelona.
  • You experience will begin with an exclusive lunch in the main room of the Biblioteca Arús. In this uniquely privileged setting, you will share a table with the Honorary Chairman of the library who is also a prominent Freemason, as well as your guide, a journalist and freemasonry expert.
  • Whilst enjoying the lunch, take the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and gain an insight into the legacy of the city’s most illustrious Freemasons, as well as the artistic and cultural contributions they have made.
  • Your experience continues with a private visit to the Grand Lodge of Spain guided by the Grand Master, who will open the doors that allow you to discover the origins and true meaning of this association and learn about its values and symbols.
  • Before returning to the hotel, enjoy a visit to a number of carefully selected architectural sites around the city, including the Plaça Francesc Macià and Barcelona Cathedral, where, accompanied by your expert journalist, your brand-new perspective will enable you to appreciate the city of Barcelona and its sites in an entirely different way.


This experience lasts about six hours.


  • The experience is available every day


  • It is recommended you dress comfortably.
  • If you suffer from any food allergies or intolerance kindly notify us in advance so we can take this into account for lunch.


  • Transfers to and from Hotel Neri.
  • The drive through Barcelona.
  • A bilingual interpreter in your own language.
  • An expert journalist
  • The all access to the the buildings.
  • Lunch, wines and drinks at Biblioteca Arús.

Please, contact Hotel Neri on
calling on (+34) 933 040 655
to know more about prices and details